Hot Spot

  • Made to fit any size bulk tank withmanhole opening 161/2″ or larger.
  • Special Flow Accumulator–assures preheating.
  • Heat source–steam or hot water.
  • All-steel shell and coil assembly.
  • No moving parts.
  • Easy to install.
  • Takes load off suction pumps.

A Practical Economical Preheater for Heavy Oils and Other Liquids

The Hot Spot offers a low cost, economical method of bringing heavy liquids to proper flow temperature in the bulk tank. Overloading of pumps in cold weather is eliminated. When using heavier fuel oils, preheating is essential prior to introduction of oil to the burner. Efficient combustion requires that oil be effectively atomized at the burner. Preheating in the storage tank offers a most practical means of assuring a constant supply of proper viscosity fuel.

Construction Features

Coil–11/2″ full weight steel pipe, extending the depth of shell. Shell–12 gauge sheet steel. Provides 38 sq. ft. of direct radiation surface plus 10 sq. ft. of secondary shell heating surface. Flow Accumulator–liquids enter the bottom, pass over heated coils, then enter flow control accumulator, before being drawn out through suction line. Vent holes in the steel shell allow for escape and circulation of liquid, regardless of level of liquid in tank. (Steam supply, however, should be regulated by a standard system of temperature control actuated by the temperature of the liquid in the tank to eliminate heating in excess of required outlet temperature.) Inlet and Outlet pipes furnished right length for each particular storage tank.

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